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Call Desk's Live Virtual Receptionist service helps businesses stay connected with their customers via telephone, e-mail or chat. The Live Answering Service helps businesses enhance their customer service, increase productivity and save money in staffing costs.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Call Desk Inc to provide Virtual Staff to Tax Preparers during the 2011 tax season.

Call Desk Inc, a leading provider of Virtual Live Receptionist Services to CPA’s and Tax Preparers announced that they have ramped up their staff  in readiness for the upcoming tax season.

Call Desk, Inc., offers virtual receptionists and virtual assistants  to accounting professionals throughout the U.S. For a fraction of the cost of hiring and training full-time receptionists, Call Desk provides a virtual team who function as natural, professional extensions of a CPA’s staff.

"Our service will help busy and under-staffed accountants during the tax season with call answering and forwarding, message taking, appointment scheduling, client call backs and general customer service," said George Mwangi, General Manager of Call Desk and a reformed CPA. "Our company will offer tax preparers the benefits of a full-time, professional receptionist an affordable rate during the busy tax season."

Tax professionals will also have the opportunity to use Call Desk’s Live Web Chat service. Call Desk has partnered with LivePerson, an industry-leading provider of Live Chat technology to offer accountants and tax preparers  a complete customer service solution for their websites. Using Live Person's sophisticated visitor tracking technology, Call Desk’s Live Chat agents aim to convert more online visitors into clients. By tracking online behavior, Call Desk’s Live Chat Agents will initiate chats and offer help to online visitors at critical times during their online visit.

Call Desk is designed to support accounting firms of all sizes including CPA’s and tax preparers.

Monthly fees start at $99, or just $0.82 per hour. For more information about services and pricing, please visit

About Call Desk, Inc.
Based in Portland, Oregon and Mclean, Virginia, Call Desk is a virtual staffing company specializing in administrative and customer service support for small- to mid-sized businesses. Call Desk offers a range of plans to compliment any office setting. For more information, please visit or dial 800-454-7488.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "live virtual" receptionist?
A customer service professional working away from your office. When your customer calls, the remote agent picks up the call using your company name and then transfers the call to you, just as an in-house receptionist would. Your caller has no way of knowing that the receptionist is not answering the call from your office.
Who will answer my calls?
CallDesk agents are all highly educated customer service professionals located in Portland Oregon. Due to our stringent hiring standards, plus the flexibility we offer to our staff, we are able to hire experienced college graduates that you cannot find in call centers or offices.

How is the call transferred to me?
When your client calls your phone number, they hear a professional greeting from your company. Our agent then picks up the call and identifies themselves as a representative of your company. If the caller needs to talk to you, the agent puts the caller on hold and contacts you to find out if you want to take the call. If you accept the call, then the agent transfers it to you. If you do not want to take the call or you are not available, we can either take a message or transfer the caller to your voice mail. Your messages will be sent via e-mail or text message. If you are subscribe to our “Appointment Plus” program, we can also schedule appointments on your behalf.

How do I get my messages?
We send your messages either by e-mail or SMS (or both). We can also offer your callers an option to go to voicemail. Your voice mails will automatically be e-mailed to you as an attachment (.wav file). We provide you with a FREE customizable voice-mail account.

How do I notify you that I’m available to take calls?
You provide us with your regular schedule. If your schedule says you are supposed to be available, we will try to transfer the call to you. Keep in mind we do not end the call with your clients until we either find you or take a message. If you plan to be in a long meeting or on vacation, simply let us know via e-mail or phone.

Where are my calls transferred to?
We can transfer your calls to your office, your home or your cell phone. Usually we will try all the phone numbers on our system – unless you tell us otherwise. If you are traveling and need your calls transferred to your hotel room, we can do that too.

Can you give out information about my products and services?
Yes. We can give out information about your products and services. We can even help you pre-screen your calls before we either transfer them to you or book an appointment. We can also return your calls for you.

Can you take orders for me?
Yes – we can take orders for products or services. The orders are then sent to you in CSV format. If you have an e-commerce website, we can place the orders directly on your system.

Can you take appointments for me?
Yes – we can schedule appointments on your behalf. You can use our "Appointment Plus” software or you can give us access to your existing appointments software.

I was assigned a phone number by CallDesk. Can I publish it on my website or yellow pages for my clients to see?
When you sign up with Call Desk, we will assign you a Toll Free number. There is no extra fee to use our toll-free number.  You can choose to publish the phone number assigned to you. Your customers are more likely to call you if you provide them with a toll-free number.

Where do you provide service?
Currently we offer services in USA and Canada

What are your hours?
Our agents are available to meet your business needs during YOUR business hours. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?
There are no long-term commitments.

How do I pay for your services?
You can pay by check, direct debit or credit card. Most of our customers prefer the convenience of automatic payments from their credit card or direct debits.

How do I access my bill?
We will send you a detailed monthly bill of all the calls we have answered for you plus the charges.

Do you outsource your calls?
No – All calls are answered in USA

Can the Call Desk Receptionists make cold calls and set appointments for me?
We can make outbound calls on your behalf, to your existing clients. We do not offer telemarketing services.

How do I get started?
You can view sign up instructions